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Embedded SW Engineer​


With exciting technology and rapid growth plans, we’re looking for highly motivated, self-driven embedded SW engineers who want to work in a dynamic start-up. While embedded programming is the primary role, there are opportunities to expand into machine learning algorithm development-optimization-deployment, data capture and analysis, tools/application development, chip bring-up, board bring-up. This position is open to new graduates.

The ideal candidate will have strong analytical skills, a background in microcontrollers, some machine learning experience, be comfortable working with hardware test equipment, and most importantly, eager to engage in new challenges.

Atlazo is located in San Diego, California.


  •          Design, develop, test and enhance embedded device software and associated tools

  •          Perform bring-up of new silicon.

  •          Design and develop firmware to support manufacturing support software in C/++

  •          Develop platform and infrastructure software for Microcontrollers (Cortex M) in C/C++

  •          Develop device software to support Power-On-Self-Tests (POST) and Continuous Built in Tests (CBIT)

  •          Debug and troubleshoot system level problems that involve firmware and hardware

  •          Analyze software defects, identifying root cause, and implement corrective actions

  •          Collaborate with electrical, manufacturing, hardware, regulatory and quality engineers



  •          Minimum Bachelors in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or equivalent.

  •          Coursework/Experience with micro-controllers

  •          Embedded programming experience in C/C++



  •          Experience using Python and/or Matlab

  •          Experience/coursework in machine learning, especially for edge applications

  •          Experience with micro-controller peripherals such as ADC/DAC, UART, USB, SPI, I2C, PWM

  •          Experience with DSP audio processing

  •          Experience programming for low power; DVFS, utilizing processor low-power states, memory retention, clock gating, power gating

  •          Experience testing and de-bugging circuitry, using tools such as JTAG, oscilloscopes, logic/spectrum analyzers, function/pulse generators, etc.

  •          Experience in source code and change control management process

  •          Experience with ARM Cortex M/RISC-V processors

  •          Experience with silicon prototyping and emulation systems.

  •          Proficiency debugging embedded software systems.

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