Introducing Hyper-Low-Power AI

SoCs for the Next Generation of Smart Always-On Devices

100X Lower Power for Smarter Devices

Atlazo SoCs enable a new generation of smart, standalone, miniaturized devices that last much longer at performing best-of-breed AI/ML plus sensing 
Ushering in smaller, easier to use and far lower cost battery-powered devices for the masses
Smart Hearables: Earbuds, PSAPs, Hearing Aids
Battery-Powered Monitoring & Voice UX

A Holistic Approach

The only architecture with a grounds-up and scalable system approach to power management, neural processing and sensor fusion.
Hyper-Low Power System Design with Intelligent Management
Purpose-Built, Always-on Low Power
Complete Platform Software and Reference Design
Accurate Custom Sensing Interfaces and Fusion



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We're looking for the sharpest minds in technology who are looking to make their mark on the world while having a bit of fun.
At Atlazo, you will be part of a multi-disciplinary team researching and developing innovative best-of-breed AI/ML, power management, sensor interfaces, algorithms and platform software.

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